Our security software is the best, and easiest to use available. Safeplicity helps you protect your important documents, private photos and videos - all your confidential data in short - from unauthorised access by encrypting it. It works just like a real vault - without the right password, nobody can retrieve the contents.

Password protect folder by right-clicking

Right-click Protect

Safety shouldn’t be hard. Safeplicity provides easy to use, yet solid protection. Right-Click on any file, folder or drive and click 'Password Protect'. In the 'set password screen' that opens, just enter your chosen password. That's it. Your data is now protected and Safeplicity will encrypt it automatically.

Easily password protect folders

Works with Windows Explorer

Safeplicity is integrated into Windows Explorer. There is no new software to learn. You can continue workign with your files and folders as you usually do. The only difference is, that when you try to open a file or folder that's protected with Safeplicity, you are asked for the password.

Lock any folder

Automatic Locking

Worried that you will forget to 'lock' your important file after using? Not anymore. Safeplicity will lock your files automatically when you are done using them. In other words: closing a file or folder will lock it, so no one can access it.

Hide any folder

Completely Hide Confidential Folders

Safeplicity allows you to hide entire files and folders, so they are no longer visible in Explorer. To unlock them, go to the directory in which the hidden file is located, right click and choose the option 'Show hidden Items. You will now be asked to enter your password. After entering your password, all hidden files and folders that are protected with this password will appear. If there are no files or folders protected with the password entered, nothing will happen.

Encrypt folders

Advanced Encryption

Safeplicity encrypts all your data will military-grade AES 256bit encryption, ensuring that only you can access them. As the data is encrypted with your password, it is impossible for anyone - whether IT specialist of NSA - to access it without your password.

Password protect folders on any device

Protect Everything

Whether you want to protect a single file, a folder with all of its content, or an entire drive. Safeplicity has got you covered. In fact, you can use the protect drive feature, to turn a normal USB stick, into an encrypted one.

What can I password protect

Protect your data on your PC & on the move

Use Safeplicity to protect your USB sticks and external hard drives. Take your encrypted files wherever you go.

Use the 'protect drive' feature to turn your USB sticks into encrypted USB sticks, and hard drives into secure, encrypted drives.

Safeplicity's high-speed makes it ideal for use with SSDs.

Use Safeplicity everywhere

PC, Laptop and Tablet Protection all in one

Share a computer? Have nosy co-workers? Use Safeplicity on your computer

You are worried about your laptop or tablet getting stolen? No worries, Safeplicity will keep the information on your laptop and tablet safe, even if it's lost or stolen.