Password Protect Folders with Safeplicity

Password Protect Folders

in just a few clicks

The best way to lock folders with a password & encrypt them.

It's really easy - no IT skills required. Just have a look!

password protect folders on your PC




It's easy to password protect folders

Easy to Use

Right click -> Select "Password Protect". Choose a password.
- Done - It doesn't get easier!

Unbreakable encryption of locked folders

Unbreakable Encryption

FIPS 140-2 certified, AES-256 encryption - the NATO military standard, the best in the world.

Instant creation of password protected folders

Instant Protection

Data is protected immediately.
Encryption happens in the back -ground, you won’t even notice.

Password Protected Folders Integrated into Windows

Integrated into Windows

Use your folders as usual - there is just one difference: password protection!

Completely hide password protected folders

Completely Hide Folders

If you have a folder that you don’t want anyone to know exists, you can hide it, so no one can find it.

Automatic locking of password protected folders

Automatic Locking

Never again will you leave your folder accidentally unlocked for someone else to snoop.

Password reminders for password protected folders

Password Reminders

63% will forget their password within 30 days. Not a problem with password reminders!

Password protected folders provide ultimate protection

Ultimate Protection

Protects your data against all threats: hackers, thieves, ransomware, malware, ...

Secure wipe of password protected folders

Auto Secure Wipe

Automatically wipes all traces of your files from Recycle bin, Recent items & Undelete tools.


Finally no more virtual drives, mounting, lockers, containers or other nonsense. Now I can just double click on the locked folder and can do my job, the normal way.

Aditya P., Cleveland Clinic

Thanks to Safeplicity I can take contracts home keeping them safe in password protected folders. Now that I can work from home, I am able to spend more time with my daughter - yay!

Bridget S., T-Systems

The Safeplicity software is really easy to use. Usually I can’t get anything done on a computer, but with Safeplicity even I can password protect folders! I would definitely recommend it.

Annette S., Monster

Safeplicity is the perfect program for my needs. As a writer and an artist I can password protect folders containing my work easily, as well as hide folders with my personal stuff...

Peter L., Redbootsman

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From private individuals and small businesses to multinational corporations, users allover the world protect and hide folders with Safeplicity. Safeplicity is used everywhere - from Los Angeles to Berlin and London to Sydney.

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Did you know...?

  • Up to 200 billion IoT devices will need securing by 2020
  • Estimated global annual cost of malicious cyber activity ranges from US $300Bn to US $1 Trillion
  • The cost of a stolen laptop to your business is on average $53 000.
  • Company directors can go to jail for failing to encrypt sensitive information.
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